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The future of medical cannabis in Georgia - 11 Alive visits Seattle to speak with Jeremy Kaufman of The CPC

“…If laws change, Macris said in Georgia, patients will likely get that product from a licensed medical dispensary like “The C.P.C.” south of downtown Seattle.

“The youngest patient we have is a 97-day-old infant to my grandmother who is 96,” said Jeremy Kaufman, Executive Director of “The C.P.C.”

At “The C.P.C.” Washington’s first medical dispensary, patients consult with Jeremy Kaufman or one of his trained staff for at least 90 minutes before receiving their first dose of medicine.

“It’s a dialogue and it’s a Q and A between the consultant and the patients so you’re coming in with your condition our goal is to look at this huge array of products that we have and as professionals really help you dissect what’s going to get you closest to what’s going to work for you,” said Kaufman.”

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