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Read: "The Truest Medical Model in Washington State"


The Truest Medical Model in Washington State.

The following is a piece for DOPE Magazine by Michael Condon Jr. January 2014.

I've ventured far and wide in the circus of collectives this great state provides. I've seen the sketchiest, I've seen the glamorous, and I've seen the frightening. What I found at Georgetown's The CPC was the most exemplary model for medical marijuana that I have ever come across. A gem. Prior to the assignment, well prior to this writing gig entirely, I was already well acquainted with The CPC They were one of the first dispensaries I visited once I received my MMJ authorization, and I have continued as a client through it all.

What kept me returning was the consistency. Every strain I sampled was the best of that strain. The best Blueberry, the best Strawberry Cough, the best ATF, the best Blue Dream. I've tried strains from the CPC that I have never found elsewhere. And then there are the edibles. The delicious, in-house, efficacious, well-dosed edibles that won't fill you up and will never let you down. I used to stop at The CPC on my lunch break. I would make it through the first laborious half of the day, drive over to Georgetown, sit down and chat with any intelligent member of their well-mannered staff and pick up a couple gummies to right the day again.

The CPC is centered on providing patients education and one-on-one consultations. Each staff member encourages questions from patients to assure they receive the medication they need to get by. You need concentrates? They have the cleanest and least wasteful packaging of any concentrate company. Is eating your preferred delivery method? Reliable treats, gluten free options, and capsules including high CBD and Terpene enhanced versions are readily available. The CPC is what every medical marijuana access point should strive to imitate. They are the pinnacle, the penultimate.

Most of all, the years I've been returning to The CPC have made me feel like part of a family. The staff is remarkably welcoming and they all care about the well-being of their clientele. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank The CPC for all they've done for me over the years and suggest that everybody with an MMJ authorization take the time for a lengthy visit. Become part of the family.

old cannabis dispensary photo.jpg