Transdermal THC Gel Pen by Mary's Medicinals

Transdermal Pen

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"....Mary’s transdermal gel pens are the perfect resource for managing breakthrough pain, or for creating your own blended cannabinoid ratios...

Placed directly on the skin and gently rubbed in, the transdermal gel delivery method has the same bioavailability as our patch, but is faster acting and shorter lasting. Our gel pens are accurately dosed with 50 (2mg) pumps of active cannabinoids.". Click here to access Mary's Medicinal's product locator.


PAUL ANDREW INTERDONATO - "3 1/2 years ago I suffered a tramatic brain injury, I've been experimenting with CBD, THC and other holistic resources that are safe and healthy for my body. Since I started vaporizing, and using topicals my prescription medication usage has been cut in half. My goal is by the end of next month to try and limit myself to only three prescriptions which have more to do with my TBI, and less to do with my general well-being physically and mentally. I suffer from the daily tremors, muscle spasms, The cortex of the brain that was most affected in my injury was unfortunately the orbital cortex. Therefore I suffer from horrible migraines, my eyes have become extremely sensitive to light. If you are willing to help me that would be wonderful. The more and more I learn about cannabinoids I am amazed at how responsive my body is to them. Especially the topicals, which is delivered transdermal y. I feel that's the safest method for me to get the medicine in my body that I need. We use Hell, I am a kind loving compassionate human being. I've truly been through the ringer and back. My TBI have been 3 1/2 years ago, but there are days where the repercussions are pretty harsh."