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DENISE - "I have TN, TN2 and brain cancer. Love your CBCTHC 1:1 patch. I cut one patch up into 6 pieces and just use one daily. I also am on a narcotic. Pain management doctor says I can't take marajuan. Will your patch show up on drug test if I just wear 1/6th of the patch once a day? Would love to know. I weigh 169 pounds... 5' 8""

CHASTITY - "I live in Oregon and have fibromyalgia. I would like to try your patches for pain control. Where can I get these ? Either by mail or I live in the Eugene area is there a place I can purchase in person ? I am also looking for recommendations for dosing and how long patches last. I"

THE CPC - "Mary’s products with THC in them can not be shipped. Their products with CBD can be ordered online at

RUTH GOODE - "Can you order and get MAILED to kentucky? HAVE BAD FIBROMYALGIA."

BONNIE LANGUM - "Trying to buy the mary's medicinals the/cbd patches online. I live in Oregon, is there a way to purchase online?"

MICHELLLE COGGINS - "I live in United States. Do u mail to USA. Please reply. Need patch for pain. And how much for patch or patches. I would want to buy more then one. Thank u"

CARMEN BELLO - "I have severed back pain and severed both knees pain. I can't hardly walk after a 7hr shift at work"

NICOLE L WALLACE - "I have Fibromyalgia , cronic Regional Pain Syndrome, Vensus Stasis,"

ILDA - "I live in New York n I'm a diabetic w/ severe pain in my foot.Where can I buy these patches?"

THE CPC - "Unfortunately Mary's patches can not be ordered from this site. You can locate stores that carry these products in states with regulated Cannabis markets using this page here.

SHARON - "I live I Ireland can I buy the for back pain. Thanks."

SOPHIE - "Where can I buy the patches please I'm in England"

ANGELA - "I live in Utah ! I have bad fibromyalgia and arthritis! I am 48 had this at age 25! I need these patches have heard they work wonders. ! Could I order from this website ? Thank you angela"

JOYCE SANTIFER - "I am totally disabled with severe Fibromyalgia and I live in Texas. Can I get the patch sent to me ?"

TERRIL WYCHE - "Do the transdermal marijuana patches help in overcoming marijuana addiction? Do the patches offer pain relief from physical pain?"

LEE - "Looking for information for my dad who was crushed in a farming accident 2 years ago. He suffers from chronic pain and neuropathy among other issues. Drs say they have nothing else to offer him for pain. How does the process of getting the transdermal patches for him to try? Please send me the run down and step by step process. Does he do this under the supervision of a doctor? Prescription? We live in iowa but would be willing to drive or order online if possible? Any advice/guidance is appreciated."

POLYANNA - "I just bought some in Torrance, Ca at The Green Element on Carson Street. I haven't tried it yet though."

FRANK SPENCER - "I am in NY and have found your CBD transdermal patch. I have stage 4 renal cancer, and now I was told I have months to live. It's been almost two years with chemo pills that have not worked. I am looking into other methods of treating this cancer. Will your patch fight the cancer in my body? If so how many patches will I need daily? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you"

AFTIN - "My friend has been suffering with narcolepsy with a side effect of cataplexy. Will this patch work for him? Or what would you recommend? Also he has had the patch on for 3 hours and has notice it working. Is that normal?"

LISA - "Do these patches help with panic attacks and aniexty? If so, can I get them in Texas?"

KENT - "I am on atenolol for high blood pressure, lisinoprol for hbp and citalopram for depression. Been taking these for about 4-5 years. Been working fine. Thought I'd try some patches and other thc/cbd infused lotions and products. Had bought these for my daughter for cancer, but she has since passed. Going through anxiety and depression now. I also have alprazolam to help with the occasional anxiety. . Just recently was using patches and creams everyday- THC/CBD. High blood pressure shot way up, as did the anxiety. Is there any relationship between THC stuff and the drugs mentioned that could cause this. I've read varying things about it."

JEANETTE WAYNE - "I'm a 65 year old woman and on my last birthday I got a terrible case of shingles. I was given tylenol 3 with codeine for the pain. This did nothing for the pain and all I felt was doped up. A friend gave me some of Mary's 1:1 patches and they literally save my life. I could function like normal during the day and slept like a baby at night. Thank god for Mary's Medicinals!"

THE CPC - "Vicki, thank you for sharing your story. The more you are comfortable sharing the more people can learn about the complicated decisions surrounding health and treatment. It sounds as if you are a strong woman with a good group of people around you. We are a medical Cannabis dispensary and R&D firm located in Seattle Washington. Try this store locator in order to find a Mary's patch near you."

VICKI JOHNS - "I am a female born 1954 (soon to be 61) with a diagnosis (1997)Fibromyalgia. I have taken just about every drug used for treatment of this debilitating illness, even being a "test baby" for the latest pharmaceutical wonder - Lyrica, which is a horrible, terrible drug with terrifying side effects. I went off ALL drugs EXCEPT Fentanyl 3 years ago with only my husband as my support "team". I battled ALL the demons that go with going "cold turkey" and would now like to try giving up my Fentanyl patch (75mcg good for 24-30 hours each which I receive 15 per month at a cost of $78 after my insurance kicks in) AND Fentanyl lozenge (1225 mcg #120 $425 per month NO INSURANCE HELP). Yes, $500 out of pocket every month and I have insurance that includes these drugs. Sad isn't it? I live in California and recently was encouraged by a doctor(who will remain nameless) to get a "medical marijuana card" which was surprisingly very simple to get. I have had immediate success with my insomnia (one of many symptoms related to the Fibromyalgia illness) with the use of a 'Openvape pen' and 'Premium indica co2 cannabis oil cartridge'. I would like to try "Mary's medicinal transdermal patch " as a replacement. Where would I have to drive to purchase the product, staying in California where my "medical marijuana card" is legal for me to purchase and use the cannabis based patch? I live in a small town 2 hours from the beach, mountains, and am closer to Los Angeles than San Francisco."

BRADY - "Hey I took one of the Mary Transdermal patch with 5 mg the and 5 mg cbd how long would it take to get out of my system if I only had it one for 1 hour"

WENDY - "I have terrible arthritis in my hands and found the 1:1 patch takes care of my pain for an entire day, even when drumming."

LUIS GUERRA - "Hi I'm from San Antonio tx my wife has had back pain for over 10 years she has had electrical implants in her back spine area has had over 50 injections in her lower back .for over 5years has been prescribed methadone and morfphine on a daily basis she is always in pain and has lost the will to live at times.I took her to Colorado not even knowing about the patches I had heard about med marijuana maybe her smoking med.marijuana would help her pain .it wasn't about getting high like when we were young it was about helping my wife to want to live and live a normal life without the the pain and destroying her liver and kidneys with the strong drugs they prescribed her.We bought some of Marys patches she slapped them on her wrist amend within 5 mins she felt pain going away we spent a week in Denver and after the first day we were there she didn't need the methadone or the morphine after the 2 and day she was getting sweats from the withdrawals from the methadone and morphine but she had no pain she didn't do any prescribed med. Thru out our stay 1patch would last her up to 15 hours and she would put on another patch we climbed the mountains we went on tours we walked the garden of the gods we went to Colorado springs and mount evans we had so much fun I finally had my wife back she never complained about her body pain the doctors want to do complete knee replacement on both knees not once did she complain about her knees to us this is a miracle patch why can't we get this patch in Texas.. We are fed up its not to get high she wasn't high she was very aware and focused in everything we did. Well what can I do to help my wife save her life ...what ever it takes we got some back with us I risk my freedom to help my wife to have hope to want to live to see our children and grankids . I'm going to have to risk my freedom my career to help my wife live a normal life I pray and wish there was someway my wife would be able to get a legal prescription .. I just needed to let you that these patches are a life saver for some people thank you for your product