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Extra Strength Terpene Enhanced


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CAROLE - "This medicine is far superior to opiates for pain and the duration of pain relief is 6-8 hours. This is my preferred choice of treatment for chronic pain, onset is 1-2 hours so a vape or 2 of a high CBD strain is the perfect compliment to managing pain without dangerous side effects. Now I just need my insurance to cover this medicine."

The CPC - "Carole, It's awesome to see that you have taken the time to find a treatment method that suits your needs. It really seems like you took the time to figure out what works best for you. When you vape, what are the High CBD Strains that you prefer?"

ALEXANDRA - "I agree with Carole, these CBD capsules by CPC are far superior to opiates or any other painkiller on the market. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis last year. I went from being a healthy, social, award-winning, hardworking individual to someone debilitating by unceasing pain and flares that destroy my joints and connective tissue. Prescription and OTC medication hurt more than it helped (for pain sufferers out there, please limit your consumption of Advil and Tylenol). But I lived in Seattle, so I got approved for my medical marijuana card. I tried many high CBD strains and capsules from different companies, but the CBD capsules from The CPC were by far the best for inflammation and pain relief. Each capsule provided a reliable dose that would help me get through the day. Thank you for making a superior product. I cannot wait for medical marijuana to be legalized where I live now, in PA."

THE CPC  - "Alexandra, This is what motivates us when things get hectic! We strive to make Cannabinoid therapies as normal as we can so it is great to hear about how you were able to utilize the CBD capsules. Connect with the Marijuana Policy Project - to get your story in front of elected officials."

GORDON - "Hello we are seeking for my mother who has stage 4 small cell cancer. We have found that if we can get her on a quality CDB capsule like the time
released ac-dc that i cant find in Washtington state .new to this all. learned about the hemp vs. weed, one being legal. But the other having better CDB’s and cannibinoids? and the cdbs in both. Im looking for diets , products , solutions , advise.
Please and thank you."

BERNALDO - "Do these pills stay in your system like for drug tests?"

CJ - "Do you ship or sale CBS capsules to tx?"

SANDEE - "How can I order the CBD caps? I'm a WA resident, was born in Bremerton, WA.

THE CPC - CBD capsules can be purchased online here.