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Budtender Community

  • connect with people like you
  • share your story
  • get the latest information on the things you care about.
  • Meet new people and see new perspectives

Mental HEalth and Mindfulness

  • Learn about mindfulness
  • Help destigmatize mental health
  • Get connected to resources

Knowledge Center

  • find and share healthy recipes
  • connect with nutrition experts, do it yourself foodies, gardeners, and the resources you need to eat happy.
  • insightful FAQ's

Storytelling support and resources

  • Learn about cannabinoid therapies
  • Get access to products, events, professionals, and research so you can make empowered decisions.
  • Hear stories and participate in the normalization of safe and accessible medical cannabis treatments.

With a focus on education, compassion, quality, and efficacy these folks are doing everything right. ... if you need guidance or want to explore new therapies, this is your place.
— CPC Member since 2009


Let's Conect.

The CPC engages with it’s community by telling the stories of those who are not heard, and providing access to resources for those who are searching.

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