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Read: Defense Witness Causes Feds To Stumble, Medical Marijuana Ordered Removed From Courtroom

Federal Testimony

Forbes mentions CPC Co-Founder Jeremy Kaufman as he testifies about medical cannabis in federal court.

The following is an excerpt from a piece by Jacob Sullum for Forbes.

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"....Although no one was supposed to talk about medical marijuana during the trial, the prosecution kept stumbling onto that taboo subject, because it was clearly relevant to the question of where all the pot went, which was central to the case. Even with Zucker’s help, prosecutors had no direct evidence of distribution. They were therefore forced to argue that the defendants must have been selling marijuana because they were growing too much for their own personal consumption.

The government counted 74 plants. According to the defense, the feds double-counted some plants with two stalks emerging from the same root structure. The defendants’ lawyers say the correct number is 68. Either way, the total was below Washington’s presumptive limit of 15 plants per patient. Testifying for the defense, Jeremy Kaufman, a cannabis consultant, said the number of plants found on the Harveys’ property did not seem excessive, especially since only a small part of each plant is usable and may be consumed in the form of extracts, edibles, and juice. Kaufman mentioned that he himself grows 150 plants for his own use. On cross-examination, Assistant U.S. Attorney Earl Hicks asked how on earth Kaufman managed to consume that much cannabis, and Kaufman explained that he used it to relieve the symptoms of several medical conditions.

Whoops. Meghan Ridley, who covered the trial for Dope magazine, noted that Hicks “was forced to stumble and retract questioning on numerous occasions during the cross and reexaminations” of Kaufman. “It was humorous to see the prosecutor having to cut himself off and not ask the obvious questions,” recalls Phil Telfeyan, Rolland Gregg’s lawyer...."

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