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Washington State Medical Cannabis Lobby Day

The 2015 legislative session has begun. Initiative I-502 can now be amended with a simple majority, so recreational permit holders will have a strong presence in Olympia as they try to iron out inefficiencies within their market. From this conversation various ways of regulating the medical market will arise. In an effort to ensure patients are a part of that conversation, Americans for Safe Access is organizing a Washington Medical Cannabis Lobby Day. The agenda for the day includes

  • Rally on Capitol Steps
  • Lunchtime Legislative Briefing for Lawmakers and Staff
  • Training on Effective Citizen Advocacy
  • Breakout Sessions with Regional Small Groups
  • Professionally Designed Informational Handouts
  • Pre-Scheduled Meetings with Lawmakers and Staff
  • Raffle Tickets Based on the Number of Offices Visited
  • Click here to participate
  • Click here to get in contact with your rep outside of ASA's event

Washington State Capitol Building Panorama PhotoIn order to support you in your trip down to Olympia, we would like to share what we believe to be guidelines for maintaining productive conversation with elected officials.


  • Be positive and polite. Passion is great, and will naturally show when you are communicating about something that is important to you. By maintaining a positive and polite demeanor, those listening to you will be open to and inspired by your passion, as opposed to frightened by it
  • Be prepared. Politics is an ongoing conversation. You can start by reading up on the legislation they are considering. You can also utilize Freedom of Information Act requests to gather communication and other relevant documents that will help you be more prepared to enter the conversation
  • Show them you are agreeable and that you are aware of who they are. Do not focus only on the things you want to change. Explore relevant topics and ask questions. Show them that there are issues you agree on and that you are ready to support them in achieving their goals because that is what you are expecting from them.
  • Educate. Rather than talking at policy makers, find out what information they need to be better informed and provide it to them.


  • Yell. Aggressively espousing your viewpoint without engaging in conversation results in a complete dismissal of your appeals. Regardless of how passionate you are about your message, the appropriate way to get it across is through dialogue.
  • Be intentionally brash. The capitol has been particularly friendly to those needing to medicate while partaking in the political process. Do not try to use this as a way to send a message. Exercise discretion and know your message can be clouded if you manifest the preconceived assumptions some will be holding.
  • The majority of people at the Capitol will be dressed formally. While there is by no means an enforced dress code, consider that it is a more efficient use of your elected officials time focusing on dialogue as opposed to digesting your personal self expression through dress.