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The process of working with our patients to develop the most effective products is essential to what The CPC does. If you have been down to our Georgetown facility lately, then you have likely heard about, or helped us create, our Therapeutic Gel. The development began with a request from a patient for a product that could more effectively relieve the discomfort caused by blood clotting in their legs. While many topical products utilize a variety of non-Cannabiniod compounds and additional ingredients to provide relief, we found advantage with simplicity. Our Therapeutic Gel utilizes a a hydro gel  base to facilitate  lighting fast relief. It is available in a bare essentials option with the Cannabinoid oil only, or with added essential oils of Rosemary or Tea Tree (click to learn more about these essential oils). The idea of applying medical cannabis directly to the skin (topically) allows for such a unique transition of Phytocannabinoids into the body, we felt it was appropriate to take some time to talk about it.

The CPC Therapeutic Pain GelTraditional methods of ingesting cannabis result in the absorption of cannabinoids via the lungs, mouth, or digestive tract. The understanding is that they will interact with your body through the activation of the CB1 and CB2 receptors. These receptors are not limited to your brain, and can be found on immune cells throughout your body as well. Using cannabis topically is an attempt to get the beneficial compounds directly to the area they are needed.  The current body of scientific research regarding topical applications of cannabinoids hasn’t ventured much beyond neuralgia and inflammation. Anecdotal reports suggests a host of unique applications including sore muscles, Arthritic joint pain, Lupus and other skin conditions, migraines, and more. We have already been receiving great feedback about our Therapeutic Gel’s ability to sooth inflamed or arthritic knuckles and fingers.

Come by The CPC today to learn more about topical products, and take a sample home with you.