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The CPC supports Live2Ride Snowboards at movie premier

Live2Ride Snowboards CPC Sponsored Event Chemistry Snowboards at The Crocodile Seattle Live2Ride is a Seattle based company that produces high quality, environmentally friendly snowboards. Their deep commitment to the philanthropic principals on which they were founded, has lead them to continually raise money and awareness for "...cancer, paraplegia, local communities, our home mountains, and other deserving causes..."

On Saturday September 6th Live2Ride teamed up with FAMdamly Productions to premier their new movie "Until We All Fall Down" at The Crocodile in Seattle. The CPC sponsored the event along with Smokin Snowboards, Gilaffe Snowboards, Reel Cameras, Homeschool Snowboarding, Java Hut, YCTP, Nargear Backpacks, Northwest Brewery, Sturtavents, and Tamagear. 

After a night of some amazing footage, music, dancing, and fun, we can't help but be thankful that there are companies out there doing such great things for the community.