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For the purpose of continuity we will refer to existing medical collectives and dispensaries as "Medical Cannabis Access Points" and Washington Liquor Control Board Licensed Cannabis Organizations as "I-502 retail outlets" or "producer processors".

TSeeds Here Now Sage n Sourhe Center for Palliative Care champions the rights of patients to grow Cannabis. We feel it is important to inform our patient base about the policy and market changes that affect their rights and access.

The number of medical access points will continue to decline and after July 2016 no medical access points will exist in the way they do today. A noticeable difference after July 2016 will be the absence of the plant itself. No 502 licensed retail outlets will be able to sell clones, genetic duplicates of existing plants. Cloning has established itself as the predominant method for protectors and cultivators of Cannabis genetics to deliver their products to patients looking to grow at home. The CPC is placing an effort on re establishing the existence of high quality 100% guaranteed seeds for some of the most legendary genetics in existence.

The Seeds Here Now line of Cannabis seeds is now available for purchase at The CPC. Read the about us section of


"Seeds Here Now .com was built on the principles of making medical quality cannabis seeds and providing the best customer service in the industry. we are the #1 broker of high quality cannabis genetics in seed form. We work with 12+ breeders.Seeds Here Now Logo

Our seed lines continue to grow by following strict breeding standards, improving our standard product lines through trait stabilization, and listening to the customers needs. We only work with american breeders who have fully gone thru the process. We refuse to work with pollen or trend chuckers. All of our breeders have been in the industry for years and fully deserve to be where they are.

Our unique hybrids have established our seed bank in the medical cannabis industry as creators of potent, flavorful, and medically viable seeds that treat a variety of debilitating, life-threatening, and disabling diseases side-effects to make the quality of life better for those who choose to use medical cannabis."


The selection of genetics is constantly changing, but includes classic crosses such as Sage n' Sour, Old Time Moonshine, Sour Pez, Durango OG (Alien OG x Alien Bubba), Kushage (OG Kush x Sage), Old Time Bubba Kush (Old Time Moonshine x Pre 98 Bubba Kush), Cindy 99, and more.