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Members of The CPC collective have been actively exploring Washington trails and we want to share the experience and invite you to join in! This last hike started near Denny Creek, check out these great photos!

I Emerge Out of the Forest - Rhi

Denny Creek Point of Entry Sign Permit InformationDenny Creek Looking Up into the Sky

Here is an excerpt from the Washington Trails Association on Denny Creek, "As you embark on the forested Denny Creek trail you find yourself immersed in an old-growth forest. Various coniferous trees provide a magnificent canopy under which you walk along a three foot wide, somewhat rocky and rooty trail. A diverse understory of ferns, salmonberry, skunk cabbage, and numerous wildflower species surrounds you. But watch out for the rather unpleasant devil’s club that is frequently found along the side of the trail!" Read more here.


Two Trees Denny Creek