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Concentrate REAL hard for second.

In this article I will do my best to explain all of the available options in today's ever-expanding hashish, or concentrates, market, as well as the plethora of new, wymsical, and sometimes just downright gross names used to describe them. - Duncan Rolfson CPC Patient Consultant and Cannabis Photojournalist

future Long gone are the days of strolling into your local cannabis-collective and happily choosing between the kief-blend, or the "house" bubble hash. The tides have turned towards more connoisseur-quality cannabis concentrates. Most are processed using far more advanced (and volatile) methods of extracting the essential oils than your simple dry-sieve, or bubble-bag hash. These more modern methods of extraction typically result in a final product that provides a much higher concentration of the desired cannabinoids, with little to no residual plant materials.

Simply put, the concentrates explosion of the past five to ten years has been quite intense, sometimes confusing, but first and foremost it has generated phenomenally-efficient medical products within our industry that span more than just your everyday bowl of hash, or dab of wax.


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