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City of Seattle Hosts MMJ Symposium Thursday

On Thursday November 20th the City of Seattle's Office for Civil Rights will be holding a symposium "on regulating medical marijuana and the impact of marijuana enforcement on youth and people of color" at the Bertha Knight Landes Room, City Hall. From 5:00-7:45 PM various representatives from the city and state, cannabis industry, civil rights groups, and more will hold 40 minute discussions on each of the following topics

  1. Testing of Marijuana for purity and strength
  2. Access of marijuana infused products by youth, packaging and labeling of products, and best practices for producers
  3. Minimum distance of marijuana businesses from schools and other locations
  4. The disparate impact of the enforcement of marijuana laws on youth and people of color

The Washington State Legislature will presumably be passing legislation in this coming session that will address medical Cannabis. This is an opportunity for the City of Seattle to continue to play a leading role in the development of sound cannabis policy. The inclusion of so many different groups, and the public, provides a unique opportunity to educate those that will create and influence policy.

Our founders Jeremy Kaufman and Ben Reagan will be part of the panelists. This is a great opportunity to engage in discussion with them, and tap into the knowledge and experience they have. We hope to see you there and appreciate you spreading the word about this event.

City of Seattle MMJ Symposium Flyer Nov 2oth