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Cannabis Infused Food and Drink at The CPC


Cannabinoids are fat soluble. This has resulted in various recipes infusing butter or oil with cannabis, hence all the sweets and treats on the shelves of medical dispensaries. In their packaging cannabis infused food and drink might seem like a an afterthought, but they provide a crucial tool when building the dynamic dosing structures many need to achieve relief.

While smoking cannabis is likely the quickest and most reliable method, patients turn to infused foods for various reasons. One of the more explicit advantages is the lack of harsh smoke, high temperatures, particulate, gases, and other substances that may irritate the mouth, throat, or lungs. By consuming infused food and drink, cannabinoids reach the bloodstream by way of the gastrointestinal tract. This alternative pathway is also behind one of the main drawbacks. It could take anywhere from 30-90 minutes to feel the effects, and each person's body digests food differently. This means the dosing and timing is much more volatile. For that reason we hand craft all of the edibles we offer so that we may increase the precision, consistency, and quantifiability that is generally lacking. We invite you to take a closer look at our selection of edibles. When approached properly, this method can result in extended periods of relief great for long active days or a solid sleep through the night.

No Bake!

These 50mg peanut butter no bake cookies are one of a kind. The oats sit wrapped in a salty sweet blend of peanut butter and chocolate.

Medical Cannabis Edibles for legal Cannabis Use Indica and Sativa

Savory and Gluten Free

There is enough around for the sweet tooth. We wanted to have a gluten free savory bite to help balance out our offering and cater to those with specific dietary needs. These cheese crackers contain 50mg of cannabis oil and are great as a small snack, or as an ingredient say, crumbled over your favorite salad.

Sweet and Sweeter

Our most beloved edibles are still these 100mg delights. The Brownies, Canna Crispies, Puddin' Bars, and Caramels are available in Indica and Sativa. Our original Canna Crispies are made with a sweet coconut butter, this one here is made with Peanut Butter and Butterscotch Chips.

Medical Cannabis Indica Edibles for legal mmj use in Seattle

Why can't every piece be a corner piece?

Medical Cannabis Edibles for legal Cannabis Use Indica and Sativa

A caramel maker complimented us on our caramels, all we could do was blush.

Legal Medical Marijuana Oil Caramel The CPC Washington

These Puddin' Bars are part of our (October 2014) specials. Available in Original, Lemon, or Pumpkin flavored.

Medical Cannabis Dispensary Infused Food

Dosing it Right

For those looking for lower doses of edibles our No-Bake Cookie, Cheese Cracker, Crackle Cookie, and Real Fruit Gummies all contain 50mg per package. These gummies are packaged as two 25mg pieces.

Medical Cannabis Indica Edibles for legal mmj use in Seattle


Our fridge will never be complete without a Nana's Secret Soda in it. This refreshing drink comes in a variety of classic and fun flavors and provides rapid relief. Don't forget, you can medicate any of your favorite drinks with our Indica and Sativa Tinctures.

Medical Cannabis Infused Soda Drinks Orange Cream Citrus and Peach Soda Nanas Secret Seattle

Explore the rest of our edibles menu, and come visit us at 74 South Lucile Street to see if any our options are right for you.