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DOH Medical Marijuana Program Asks for Your Input

In his veto message for portions of SSB 5052, Governor Jay Inslee instructed the Department of Health to thoroughly consider the idea of re-scheduling or de-scheduling marijuana in consultation with medical professionals and stakeholders, and to present him and the Legislature with an appropriate resolution.

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Seeds Here Now!

Our unique hybrids have established our seed bank in the medical cannabis industry as creators of potent, flavorful, and medically viable seeds that treat a variety of debilitating, life-threatening, and disabling diseases side-effects to make the quality of life better for those who choose to use medical cannabis."

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Kirk Ludden stops by to print I-1372 Signature Sheets

Kirk Ludden is HIV positive and has been diagnosed as a "wild type non-progressor". He does not have the gene that protects against HIV, nor does he produce the amino acid others do that can keep the virus in check, yet he has still avoided taken any anti-retrovirals. He credits this to THC, CBD and the whole Cannabis plant extract. He stopped by The CPC to print copies of the signature sheets for his Initiative 1372, watch the video to learn more.

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The Thing in His Head Recently, we received a call from a mother in Australia. She had spent the past few months in Washington with her son Lindsay. He has intractable epilepsy that is the result of a brain tumor. She had been giving him our capsules, and was requesting information so that she could petition to the Australian government to import them. We are not allowed to export them, so what is the purpose of going through the motions? Watch the video to hear a conversation with one of our founders Ben about this topic, and click below to donate to Lindsay.

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In the Struggle, Something Was Built

As we dismantle the walls of prohibition let us not forget what we built for ourselves while they were up. Structure, regulation, and recreational markets are forming but they all have roots in community medicine. If we allow those roots to die we lose the spirit which has gotten us this far and commit an injustice on par with prohibition itself.

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