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Tincture Talk - What's Really in the Bottles?


The following is a piece by Heath Laslo for DOPE Magazine, September 11, 2014. See original here.

Seeking Restful Sleep

Recently a friend of mine confided in me that she had been dealing with insomnia for years and had tried almost every sleep medication known to man to no avail. She hadn’t ever considered using cannabis for her insomnia and asked me for a recommendation. I suggested she try The Medicine Jar’s Sleep Tincture found in this review, ¬and she has been getting the best night’s sleep since.

The use of tinctures for medicinal purposes has been around for a very long time. Until cannabis was banned in 1937, tinctures were the primary way by which doctors prescribed and sold cannabis medicines. If you look at some of the old images of tincture bottles you will see names of some American pharmaceutical giants like Eli Lilly, Upjohn, etc.

medical cannabis tincture seattle

The Medical Use of Cannabis Tinctures

So why are tinctures so unique when you consider the numerous ways a patient can consume cannabis? Tinctures provide patients with the ability to find the precise dose needed for their ailments. The dropper allows patients to slowly self-titrate their medicine drop by drop until they reach their desired effect. It should be noted that the effects of using a tincture could take up to an hour to take effect when swallowed with your morning tea. The onset of action can be expedited if the drops are placed sublingually (under the tongue)¬. Sublingual administration increases absorption via the thin skin and numerous capillaries under your tongue and directly into your bloodstream vs. the lengthy adsorption through the gut.

I have tried a number of tinctures available to patients in Wa State over the last two years and frankly haven’t been impressed with the majority of them and wondered, “why?”. Typically most sit and soak, alcohol and glycerin based tinctures are weak. According to the folks at Steep Hill Halent, it has to do with the glycerin; “For most every chemical you can think of, there are solvents in which it dissolves very well, and those it dissolves in very poorly. In the case of Terpenoids (including Cannabinoids), they really dislike Glycerin, and as a result, the total amount of terpenoid dissolved in Glycerin will always be low, very low. Commonly, concentrations are seen in a range from 0.7 to 2mg/mL”.

For recreational users without tolerances to cannabis, these less potent tinctures mightfit the bill. However for medical patients, the need to identify some of the more potent and unique tinctures that are readily available is needed. The criteria I used for selecting the tinctures to include in the review were two fold. First, the tinctures must contain high amounts of cannabinoids per vial compared with their peers. Second, they must be reasonably easy to find so you can actually get your hands on this great medicine. The lab results below are all recent and can be found on Analytical 360’s website for reference.

Lastly, Sativa Valley THC tincture drops were not included in this review because of lack of lab results submitted to me. However, I can personally attest to the potency of these drops and they deserve to be mentioned. Sublingual administration of these drops provides a crisp, uplifting, cerebral effect typically associated with a Sativa strain, however, SVE uses an in- house hybrid strain that balances this out. This is a unique feature that some anxiety prone patients might appreciate, plus the flavors they infuse into their tinctures are top notch, which tremendously helps with the sublingual dosing.Medical Cannabis Oil Tincture and Capsules Sativa Indica

Seattle Medical Cannabis Tincture Review

Medicine Jar Night Drops Tincture – This tincture has been developed for sleep and offers a unique blend of Indica hash and Valerian Root (natural sedative) that will help put you to bed and tuck in the sheets. Serving Size: 1ml = 1.22 gram

[green_bg]The CPC – 6g Indica Agave Tincture – The CPC’s Indica and Agave tincture is made with cannabis concentrate that is then bonded to the agave. There isn’t a sit and soak process typically found with most alcohol and glycerin based tinctures here. This tincture is an excellent choice for evening or nighttime use due to its Indica origins. Serving Size: 1ml = 1.41 gram

The CPC – 6g Sativa Agave Tincture – The CPC’s Sativa and Agave tincture is made with cannabis concentrate again that is bonded to the agave. The flavor and cerebral uplifting effects of this tincture make it a top-notch choice for daytime use. Serving Size: 1ml = 1.41 gram [/green_bg]

Kush Cream – Witch Doctor Pain Drops – This is one of the most potent sit and soak, glycerin and alcohol-based tinctures out there. While developed for pain, the high levels of THC-A contained in this tincture are unique and would be an excellent choice for epilepsy, spasticity, or other movement disorders. Serving Size: 1 dropper full = 1 gram 19.68mg THC-A 6.57mg Δ9-THC 26.69mg THC-Total 0.44mg CBN 0.39mg CBD 0.21mg CBG 7.31mg Activated Cannabinoids-Total