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The Voice of the Patients


In a recent piece for the Washington Post, Christopher Ingraham wrote, "The debate over medical marijuana has largely been dominated by vested interests and advocacy groups on either side - patients' voices have been either silent or ignored completely."

This statement highlights the emotional roller coaster many medical cannabis patients face as they watch from the sidelines while a billion dollar conversation swirls around access to their medicine. Would you feel comfortable if the news spoke about the pricing, availability, or quality of your insulin, simvastatin, benzodiazepines, or opiates with the aloofness and uncertainty of those attempting to describe access to medicinal cannabis?

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The implications of this extend beyond the evening broadcast. The manner in which the media portrays the unfolding of events in Colorado, Washington, and subsequent states that tackle the issue, will create the mold in which public opinion forms. It is our hope that all channels of media will develop an insulated space for conversation regarding medical cannabis. While discussions must occur in order for recreational markets to be created, we mustn't let these conversations be confused with those about patients rights and individual liberties.

See the original piece by Christopher Ingraham here. "92% of patients say medical marijuana works."