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Please help Hempfest founder Vivian McPeak

One of the nation's Cannabis pioneers and Hempfest founder Vivian McPeak is known for his compassionate and giving spirit. It is a rare occasion to see him requesting help, so we would like to emphatically ask for you to share and donate to his GoFundme campaign.

The following is an excerpt directly from his GoFundMe page.

Seattle Hempfest founder vivian mcpeak protest war on drugs
"I am trying to raise enough resources to cover the testing, medications, and treatment I will need to take care of some chronic health challenges I've been battling for some time. This dollar amount includes fixing my teeth which are a component in my health condition. Anyone is free to contact me personally for a comprehensive report and for updates along the way. I will be using Facebook posts to talk about my status, and giving reports. Please only give if you are able to, and don't give a penny more than you can afford to. Please don't feel bad if you can't make a contribution, I'm confident that things will work out. Much love and appreciation to all."

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