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18 Separate Cannabis Bills floating around Olympia


The following is an excerpt from The Herald of Everett Washington. See the full post here.

Despite a year to research and ponder how to make legal cannabis — medical, recreational and industrial (hemp) — workable in this state, the Legislature is already in the middle of another mess. Some separate 18 cannabis-related bills were introduced in the House early on. Legislators decided that in order to get a better handle on them, they should all be rolled into one big bill, never mind the contradictions, duplications, etc., contained therein.

Reconciling the laws, the proposed bills, and orchestrating a new industry into a viable enterprise is definitely a complicated undertaking, and definitely should not be left to the Liquor Control Board to randomly decide. So much more must go into the decision-making besides visions of pots o' gold tax receipts. With the systems set up correctly, the taxes will come. But the needs of patients and customers must come first, like any business. In January, Gov. Jay Inslee put it quite simply and correctly:

“The most important thing is to come up with a legally sanctioned, safe system for medical marijuana users.”

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