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You're stressed out, do you reach for the Cannabis?

How much of an influence does stress play in your life? Imagine the peaceful line your body is trying to walk everyday. If you are pushed off that line, we will call it stress. The process you must go through to return to a balanced state can also be described as stress. With this view, we see that stress is both something done to you, and something you do. This back and forth between your intent, the result, and then your reaction is the field where stress builds. In listening to your body and learning about your reactions you will gain many tools that help minimize health problems associated with acute and chronic states of stress.

Stress is not inherently bad. It is a physiological ebb and flow that allows us to progress. Pioneering endocrinologist Hans Selye even termed the coin “eustress” referring to the apparent “good stress” we can encounter. [1] So how do we balance awareness and control over our stress, without becoming caught in it's grip?



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