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US Senators for WA Must Find Patient-Friendly Replacement for Durkan


The following are excerpts from a call to action by Tyler Markwart for Americans for Safe Access, Ocotber 1st 2014. See the original piece here.

"...When U.S. Attorney [for the Western District of Washington] Jenny Durken stepped down from her position earlier this year, many patients became concerned that the next U.S. Attorney could be less accepting of medical cannabis in Western Washington.  Now more than ever patients must unify our voice so we can create a stable infrastructure that will allow for home growing, store front access, delivery and arrest protection.

Senators Murray and Cantwell need to hear from the Washington medical cannabis patient community because of the great influence they wield in determining the next U.S. Attorney for Western Washington.  If they recommend a patient-friendly replacement for Durkan, they can help deter raids from federal law enforcement agencies.

Take a few minutes to read over the prewritten letter and please sign and share. Tell your friends to sign and send the letter, bring one to your favorite business owner and make sure your doctor gets one to send off also!  With all our voices united WE CAN make a positive change through democracy, WE CAN leave our home in a better place than we found it, but WE MUST get involved..."