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The Original Terpestival


On Thursday July 23rd The CPC sponsored and participated in The Original Terpestival. It was an evening of Cannabis whole plant exploration put on by the Center for the Study of Cannabis and Social Policy. Renowned Cannabinoid medicine expert Dr. Ethan Russo delivered a keynote presentation to a sold out crowd. A Terpene sniffing bar, infused water station, and expo room made for a lively evening of education and fun.

Cannabis Terpene Bar at Terpestival

Unlike most Cannabis competitions that award the highest Cannabinoid concentrations the Terpestival gave out awards for categories such as Highest Total Level of Terpenes, Highest Weight Percentage Limonene, and Highest Myrcene to Pinene Ratio. The CPC entered our Dutch treat but unfortunately we did not take home any of the amazing Hempcrete trophies.

Hempcrete Awards on display for the Terpestival

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