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Seattle Mayor Ed Murray releases proposal for MMJ Regulation

Click here to see the proposal by Seattle Mayor Ed Murray to begin regulating medical cannabis. A statewide regulatory framework for medical cannabis will not be in place until 2016. In the interest of "community groups and neighborhoods that have been dealing with the consequences of an under-regulated industry and [believe] more could be done to ensure that medical marijuana is safe, legal and available." the city has put forth this plan with four goals in mind.

  1. Ensure safe, consistent access for patients that require medical marijuana
  2. Reduce impact on neighborhoods that are overburdened with medical marijuana dispensaries.
  3. Clarify laws regarding medical marijuana for all involved including patients, dispensaries, processors and law enforcement.
  4. Develop enforcement and compliance procedures that are not incarceration focused

We would love to hear your comments on this, and look forward to being involved in the continuing conversation that is shaping the medical cannabis landscape.


Seattle Mayor MMJ Regulation proposal