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Kettle Falls Five

Today, Wednesday February 25th, was the first day of a trial that will likely last 3-5 days. Three family members are being prosecuted for the medical Cannabis they were growing on their property in Eastern Washington. The father of the family sits on the side line, his charges were dropped because of deteriorating health from stage 4 Pancreatic cancer.  The proceedings are happening at

920 W. Riverside Ave. Spokane WA

From 8:30AM – 5:00 PM

The family was operating under Washington state Cannabis policy. They are being prosecuted under federal law so the Cannabis they were growing, as well as the firearms they kept in their home will be presented to jurors as evidence of drug trafficking. There will be no mention of the medicinal value of Cannabis, nor the intent to grow the Cannabis for their own medicinal use.

Rhonda Firestack-Harvey and Lee Harvey

Some estimate that over three million dollars has been spent by the government on the case, which would send the family away for a minimum of ten years.

Whether you support Cannabis, or simply see the gross negligence in the Government spending our money to do this, share the story. If you are near Spokane go to courthouse and show support.