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Kettle Falls Five Sentencing October 2nd


Rolland Gregg, Michelle Gregg, and Rhonda Lee Firestack-Harvey have been prosecuted for growing medical Cannabis in compliance with Washington state law because as noted by US District Court Judge Thomas Rice, “There is no such thing as medical marijuana...There is no such thing in federal law.” They were acquitted of all charges except for manufacturing between 50-100 plants and will be sentenced next Friday October 2nd.

Below is a letter written and addressed to the sentencing judge asking for leniency. If you are against the federal government putting honorable members of society in jail, fill out the form and one will be sent on your behalf. You can also support them by showing up at the sentencing hearing next Friday October 2nd at the Federal Courthouse in Spokane.

Rolland Gregg, Michelle Gregg, Rhonda Lee Firestack Harvey


Thomas S. Foley U.S. Courthouse C/O Hon. Thomas O. Rice P.O. Box 1493 Spokane, WA 99210 #509-458-2470

Dear Judge Thomas Rice, I am writing as a concerned US citizen who has followed the Kettle Falls Five case. I do not believe this family of medical marijuana patients who followed their doctor’s orders and their state laws ever deserved to be charged and prosecuted in the first place. How could the federal government put harmless medical marijuana patients in jail for following their doctor’s orders and Washington state laws? In fact if true justice were to be served in the Spokane Federal Court Room you Judge Rice should dismiss this case and warn the US attorney that by him continuing to charge this case (and or cases like it) that he is violating federal law. By continuing to spend my tax dollars on prosecuting and sentencing state legal medical marijuana patients, this is a violation of Section 538 of the 2015 appropriations act, because as congress stated in their recent letter to the DOJ, continuing the Kettle Falls Five prosecution equates to interfering with the implementation of state legal medical marijuana laws. I am appalled that this case was even allowed to be brought forward with my tax dollars. The following are a list of logical and rational reasons why this case should be dropped immediately and/or your sentencing to reflect the absurdness of this case by a sentencing order of case/charge dismissed or time served for Rhonda Firestack Harvey, Michelle and Rolland Gregg so that they do not have to suffer any more injury at the hands of the United States. If justice were served you or the Supreme Court will overturn this charge and give this family back their life. If you will not overturn this frivolous charge at least let this family go free while the 9th circuit and/or Supreme Court deal with the confusing balance between Federal & Washington State medical marijuana laws. Federal tax dollars that has been spent prosecuting this case exceeds 2 million dollars. What is the social ROI on this money? What good will it do to waste more tax payers money putting these harmless medical marijuana patients in jail? What point will it prove? These 5 upstanding individual’s medical marijuana conduct has been legal in WA state since 1999 and is now Federally sanctioned with section 538 of the 2015 Appropriations Act. Washington State’s rights and the rights of its citizens should be respected. The 10th amendment states that those powers not explicitly delegated to the federal government are reserved for the states. Why are you allowing the wasting of time and money going after a harmless family for growing medical marijuana on their own property, not harming anyone? There are millions of other people in 33 States growing, producing and consuming their own medical marijuana legally under their State’s law and doctor’s recommendation. Why are you allowing the prosecution of this harmless family that was also following their State’s law and doctor’s recommendations? Why are you not prosecuting the State and the doctor that recommended the medical marijuana in the first place? The Obama administration and Holder have said numerous times that they would not prosecute medical marijuana patients following their State laws. Congress even passed section 538 of the 2015 appropriations act, which forbids the DEA/DOJ from spending any money on interfering with the implementation of states medical marijuana laws. Congress then even wrote a public letter in April 2015 to Eric Holder and the DOJ clarifying the intent of Section 538 of the 2015 appropriations act, stating that the DOJ needs to stop interfering with states medical marijuana laws and to let states police themselves without federal interference. The DEA/DOJ has ruined five people’s lives for no legitimate reason. Prosecuting and putting them in jail does not do anyone any good. Putting people in prison for no reason is wrong. With a little bit of research you can find out publicly the character of these upstanding citizens who are well respected by their communities: Rolland Gregg and his company’s mission is to empower communities with affordable and sustainable energy, food, water, healing, shelter and waste solutions. His companies,,,,, and are focused on helping us live more sustainable, happy and healthy lives. Michelle Gregg: Works at Microsoft doing contract work for over 3 years as a Site Manager. Professional who has a solid work ethic and contributes to the community and government (taxes). Highly respected in her role and community. A great friend, sister, daughter and aunt to a loving tight-knit family and friends. Rhonda Firestack-Harvey: Loved in her community. A great cook, friend and supporter of her community. Whose husband, Larry Harvey, recently passed suffering from pancreatic cancer. The now widow is trying to regroup from losing her husband who had to spend the last few years of his life in this battle all the while being deprived from the medicine that eased his comfort. These people are upstanding taxpaying citizens in their community. If they are incarcerated they will lose their jobs and not be able to continue contributing to their community and society, hence becoming a burden on taxpayers instead of contributors. The Federal Government has already inflicted enough pain on this family as they try to take care of their dying father who is dying of pancreatic cancer. In spite of Congress’s recent rebuke to the Department of Justice for using federal funds to target state-compliant patients and businesses, Rolland Gregg, Michelle Gregg and Rhonda Firestack-Harvey of the Kettle Falls Five still faces 20 years in prison for growing medical marijuana. How can this be? Please sentence them to time served. Considered a watershed moment for legal cannabis, and penned by then Deputy Attorney General David Ogden, the memo advised federal law enforcement officials to not waste their resources targeting medical marijuana patients who were in “clear compliance with existing state law,” and to focus instead on traffickers engaged in criminal acts, such as money-laundering, interstate traffic, or selling to minors. The Kettle Falls Five family was convicted federally of simply growing a cannabis plant for their own consumption. The jury acquitted them of all other charges. Why was this case even allowed to be charged? Why – in a part of the state with a number of flourishing retail cannabis businesses, and where sales of marijuana have recently surpassed the $289,752,058 million mark ( – this family of compliant medical patients with a small-scale personal-use grow, would merit the full force of federal prosecutorial power? Is this how our federal tax dollars are being spent on harassing innocent and harmless medical patients? President Obama explicitly directed federal prosecutors to consider appropriate medical use when making criminal charging decisions in such cases, The US Attorney in eastern Washington, Mike Ormsby requested that the judge not allow the admission that all five defendants were card-carrying medical marijuana patients into evidence. His reasoning? Marijuana was still federally illegal and categorized as a Schedule 1 drug with “no currently accepted medical use.” The purpose for growing the plant, Ormsby argued, was immaterial; all that mattered was that a federal law had been broken. Even though a new Federal Law, section 538 of the 2015 Appropriations Act stated that the Kettle Falls Five actions were legal both within the state and federally. Please do not sentence Rhonda, Michelle & Rolland to any jail time or probation, they have all already suffered enough pain & punishment in their life because of the State & Federal government’s difference of opinions on how to interpret the law. Please do not make any more medical marijuana patients suffer while the State & Federal government figure out how to properly regulate medical and recreational marijuana in the United States.