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DIY Medical Marijuana Heirlooming with Mathew Gordon - Creator of Old Toby


This Monday April 4th, don't miss out on the DIY Medical Marijuana Heirlooming meetup.

Mathew Gordon speaks at High Times Cannabis Cup
Mathew Gordon speaks at High Times Cannabis Cup

Long time national Cannabis figure Mathew Gordon has given talks at High Times Cannabis Cups across the country, Seattle Hempfest, Cannabis Freedom March, and many other places where he could share his experience of creating the Old Toby strain. Now is your chance to learn the process behind creating an Heirloom MMJ strain catered to your condition and reaction.

After finding himself unsatisfied with the intoxicating side effects of many Cannabis strains, Mathew took to breeding to create a strain custom tailored for his condition. This process brought about Old Toby, a strain renowned for it's clear headed relief. Along with Engineer and Consultant Kavic Rason, Mathew will be hosting this meetup to teach others how they can create medicinal Cannabis strains bred for their specific conditions, and reactions to Cannabinoids. The meetup is from 7PM-10PM on Monday April 4th. See the meetup page for more information.